when you work from home in New York, the entire city is your office.
Blue Spoon Coffee (Tribeca)

Date of Visit: February 3rd and April 7th, 2011

Location: 76 Chambers Street

Weekday Hours: 7am-6pm

Rating: 8 out of 10

Wifi: Free, but they turn it off during peak hours 12-2pm.

Music: They played Radiohead’s The Bends in its entirety, which I loved.  There was also a lot of 40s jazz, which is also excellent.  Yay music!

Restroom: None that I could see.

Food and Drink: Again, I only had tea, but they seemed to offer a wide variety of food.  Also, the put the honey for the tea on the condiments table, which I love. It’s the little things, you know?

Crowdedness: They had a steady stream of people, but for the most part people got their food/beverages and left.  There were always available seats.

(photos taken from blue spoon coffee’s flickr)

Comfort: The place is small, but as mentioned before, people are constantly in and out.  This fact can be a little distracting, when you’re trying to work, but if you get in the zone, you should be okay.  They offer tables, a bench with stools, and a small booth.

Staff Amiability to Linger: Since I got there after peak hours, nobody seemed to mind.  I was there for about 3 hours, till the unavailability of bathrooms got to me.

Plug Locations: This is where Blue Spoon Coffee disappoints.  From what I could tell, there were three separate plug outlets.  However, one was beside the condiments, and would have been a tripping hazzard, the other was right beside the door, and inaccessible.  This left only one plug outlet for the entire place.  We kept having to share it.  Fail.

Workability: For me, it was perfect.  Provided just enough distraction to give me things to look at, but nothing surprising enough to completely disrupt the work flow.  I’m rarely that far downtown (and only was this time because I met a Wall Street friend for lunch), but it was a good find nonetheless.

The Little Extra: Apparently Blue Spoon Coffee supports cat adoption that no other cafe can rival.  While there for 3 hours, I saw the staff change a sign advertising a cat named Boots you could adopt to a “Kittens for Sale” sign.  If you have a cat you no longer want, let Blue Spoon know!

Of Note: I have also started using foursquare, and because of that and the fact she had jury duty nearby, Alison Lytton stopped by.  Technology success!

Overall: I enjoyed working at Blue Spoon Coffee.  It was cozy, personable, and fun.  If you find yourself downtown near City Hall and don’t want to go to one of the hundreds of Starbucks, Blue Spoon is a perfect choice.

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Posted 7th February, 2011
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