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Vineapple (Brooklyn Heights)

Date Visited: February 17, 2012

do not be fooled by its modest appearance on the outside.

Location: 71 Pineapple Street (between Henry and Hicks Street)

Hours: 7am-10pm

Rating: 8 out of 10

Wifi: Password protected, but the name and password are freely given, and even written on the walks in chalk, so it’s no trouble to get on art at all.

Music: Perfect for working. A lot of Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird (a personal favorite), and a  mix of old and new mellow songs. I did not break out my headphones once!

Restroom: One unisex. The walks are chalkboards, and they provide chalk, which leads to people staying in the bathroom a little longer than usual. Related: if you’re visiting this site because you found it written on the bathroom wall at Vineapple, welcome!

Food and Drink: They didn’t seem to have much in way of food, but I didn’t really ask. Good cheap tea (though they were out of honey), and a nice happy hour as well.

Crowdedness: There are plenty of people here, but also plenty of places to sit. I had to address some envelopes, and was easily able to spread out to do so.

Comfort: They pretty much have a seat for all types of people. Long tables, high benches, comfy chairs, and living room style couches. I sat at a table, but could see a man stretched out on one of the sofas, as if it really was his living room.

Staff Amiability to Linger: They have no problems with it whatsoever. They even have multiple book shelves, which seem to encourage lingering. Though when perusing the shelf closest to me, the first book I saw was Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. That is my mortal enemy of books!

Plug Locations: This (and not having honey) are the reasons it loses points. There do not seem to be easily accessible plugs over in the living room area. However at the tables there are plenty located right in the middle, so at least there are some.

Workability: Indeed. I was able to get a lot of different tasks completed, and even had time to write this blog post.

The Little Extra: Looking around, it is marvelous how much space there is. It’s a long way from the front to the back!

Of Note: I have a couple of friends who live in the area, which is why I decided to make the trek here (it’s not terribly easy to get here from Williamsburg). In doing so I scored a dinner invitation, which makes it well worth navigating the G train.

Overall: This place was recommended to me by a friend who really enjoys working here, and I can certainly see why. I may have to find more excuses to work in Brooklyn Heights!

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Posted 17th February, 2012
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